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Great Results

Oskar - Hong Kong
IELTS Academic
Listening: 9.0
Reading: 8.5
Writing: 7.0
Speaking: 7.0
Overall: 8.0
Claudia - Chile
IELTS Academic
Listening: 6.5
Reading: 7.5
Speaking: 6.5
Overall: 6.5
Mayuko - Japan
IELTS General
Reading: 9.0
Writing: 7.0
Overall: 7.0
Hyun Ju - Korea
IELTS Academic
Listening: 6.5
Reading: 6.5
Writing: 6.5
Speaking: 6.0
Overall: 6.5


  • Cairns is a very dynamic city all year, a weather paradise and close to one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Great Barrier Reef. This climate makes people relax and be friendly. My favourite place in Cairns is the Esplanade because it’s the most lively place. This is the place to run, walk, do ZUMBA, play volleyball, swim, enjoy a BBQ with friends and more... Diving on the Great Barrier Reef was AMAZING! What I like about CCE is the organisation of the school, the professionalism and availability of the pedagogical team and the technical team. It’s also an extremely good opportunity to meet people from around the world and it’s really interesting! My advice to new students is to try to speak English to the maximum and enjoy their stay in Cairns to have a wonderful experience and improve their English. What I’ll miss most is the interaction and the atmosphere with other students on the English courses.

  • Why do I like Cairns? The weather here in Cairns is always hot and sunny! Beautiful beaches, the reef is amazing and of course the people who live here, they are always friendly and lovely! I recommend CCE - the location is perfect, you have everything you need near the school. The classrooms are not full of students. You can use the computers to research anything you need and the best part is the staff! They are always trying to help you if you have problems. My advice to new students is don’t give up learning English. It can be hard at the beginning, try to study every day and talk as much as you can with English speakers and then your English will improve very quickly. What I will miss about CCE is the friends that I have made here. I will miss everyone especially my classmates, my teacher Vanessa and all the staff. Thank you everyone for being so nice!

  • CCE is a great school. There are many good things about CCE - teachers, activities, classmates, lessons, location, everything. The English Only policy was the best factor for me to improve my English. It’s difficult at first, but I felt confident and enjoyed speaking only English at the college. All students were trying hard. Also another good thing was writing my diary, because writing skills help improve speaking skills. In the class, the teacher used not only normal lessons but also music, computers, discussion, etc. These were great fun and made good conversation.

  • I love Cairns very much, because there are many outdoor activities to choose from. I especially enjoy snorkeling on the famous Great Barrier Reef as I can explore the beauty of the corals and collect beautiful shells on the beach. Since I started my course at CCE, I have become very happy and motivated. The teachers are always caring with the student’s learning situation and provided us with support as much as possible.

  • When I arrived in Cairns a year ago, I couldn’t speak any English. I I remember speaking Spanish to the staff at CCE, but they didn’t understand me! I decided to start studying English at CCE for 11 weeks and I never thought I’d improve my English so much in such a short time. I I started in the Elementary class and finally finished my course in Upper- Intermediate after 11 weeks. What amazing progress! Due to my great experience here, I have come back to CCE to study and am preparing for the IELTS exam now.

  • Hi! I can only say good things about CCE! Everyone here is very receptive and friendly and it makes me feel at home, like I am a part of the CCE family. I chose Cairns, because you won’t find a lot of Brazilians here, and this is perfect for me and to improve my English studying in Cairns is the same as studying in paradise, and you can also find a job here. There are a lot of opportunities and I think it’s the perfect place to study. I love Cairns!

    Fernando Fereira
    Fernando Fereira

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