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Course Information
Target Group: This is an advanced qualification forthose seeking a career in Teaching English toSpeakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Our courseprepares you to teach students of varied cultural andlinguistic backgrounds in a variety of settings, andgives you a strong foundation in teaching aspects ofgrammar, spelling, pronunciation, reading, writing,speaking, and listening. You will also gain experiencein aspects of syllabus design, resource development,language analysis, assessment, as well as beingexposed to a variety of teaching methods andtechniques. Diploma students will also receive trainingin the teaching of English for Academic Purposes(EAP) and English for special purposes (e.g. business,hospitality, testing). Recommended for candidateswho have no prior teaching experience.

This course is delivered over 20 weeks. Expect to complete an average of 25 hours per week.

Entry Requirements
IELTS Requirements: IELTS 6.0 or CAE (C1) certificate.  Both native and non-native speakers of English will betested upon application

Timetable: (subject to change)
• Monday to Fiday 9:00 am – 3:15 pm

Course Overview
§ Study requirements: Total of 14 unit


TESACL401A Analyse culture and learning
TESTEG402A Teach English grammar
TESTSP402A Teach spelling and pronunciation
TESATE401A Analyse and teach English language
TESTSE402A Teach speaking
TESTRE402A Teach reading
TESDRF402A Develop resource files
TESDES502A Design ESL syllabus
TESTLE402A Teach listening
TESAEL502A Assess ESL learning
TESAMT501A Apply approaches and methods in TESOL
TESTWE402A Teach writing
TESEAP502A Teach English for Academic Purposes
TESESP502A Teach English for specific purposes

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